History of the Mandala Community



The history of Mandala is long, complex and may be told in many versions. This is the briefest of sketches.

In 1975, three people searched Australia for a place to start a "Community". They found a run-down farm in a picturesque valley in SE Queensland, then advertised and sold fifteen shareholdings at $4,000 each in order to buy the land, some equipment and provide start-up capital for the land owning company Mandala Pty Ltd.

Mandala was one of a large number of land sharing, multiple occupancy ventures started in Australia during that era when many were dubbed "hippy communes". Most collapsed within a few years, but Mandala survived its initial period of chaos resulting from inter-personal conflict and poor organisation. After many reforms started in the 1980's, the company and community are now thriving.

Four surviving founding members still hold shares.

Mandala Community acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, and pays respect to Elders past present and future