Welcome to the Mandala Community


New Members

New Members and Mandala's Future

Mandala changes as time, people and their needs change. The Management Committee is constantly reforming the community.

We have improved Mandala's land management system in order to make it easier for those new members who wish to do small-scale horticulture and to allow us to better take care of our natural environment.

We have reformed, recently, our Company's Constitution to make clearer the legal relationships between the shareholders, their Company and each other and to make it easier for shareholders to understand their rights and responsibilities. For example, common land and asset management dealt with until recently by ad hoc agreements between shareholders and the Company are now encoded in by-laws: our system of shareholder land tenure has been made legally more sound. These reforms, including a new Company constitution, have given confidence to a recent influx of new members to pay higher prices for shares and houses.

We are also reforming our hearts and minds to create a more welcoming place for newcomers, their ideas and aspirations, to help them settle and prosper; to make way for them to take part in the management of the Company and the life of the community.

While Mandala will say 'welcome' to people who may opt just to pay their levies and charges while living quietly in a pleasant rural setting, the Management Committee invites especially those who are prepared to contribute their ideas and energies to join us in shaping Mandala's future.

Mandala Community acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, and pays respect to Elders past present and future