Welcome to the Mandala Community


Welcome to Mandala

People ask, "Is Mandala an Intentional Community or is it an Eco Village?"

Mandala incorporates features of both in that its members share common land while living on personal homesites. Since Mandala Pty Ltd was formed in 1975, it has remained democratically run organisation working to benefit the lives of its members. It is less socially structured and ideologically prescriptive than most Intentional Communities, less elaborately planned but much cheaper to join than the typical eco village.

Why do we run a web site?

Sometimes we may advertise a share for sale. Also we want contact with members of other land-sharing organisations and other interested people. This site tells you about Mandala, its natural and built environment, its history and its location near Brisbane in South East Queensland, Australia. It tells you a bit about how we make decisions and manage the place and the values that have informed its development. It tells you how to become a shareholder or pay us a visit.

Mandala Community acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, and pays respect to Elders past present and future